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Subvert by Jeremyville a hat tip to our creative roots.

How we serve you with Turnaround Magazine…

What is this place, what can I find here?

We’re an optimistic publication for Entrepreneurs. Focused on the web, internet marketing & the motivation and mindset it takes to create value in the world.

Interviews to help you get unstuck

You’ll find interviews that go deeper than usual. We hunt for meaningful stories from the lives of people we admire. Stories of challenge, struggle and resolution.

Through stories like this you can find deep meaning. Meaning that helps you to get unstuck and take action when it really counts.

“Love what you guys are doing… it feels different, much more personal and substantive than other things I’m reading online.” Laura Roeder.

Low stress lessons to turnaround your website

If you’ve got a website and a dream, but you’re not getting the results you expected, Turnaround Tuesdays will get you back on track.

Turnaround Tuesday is our Website Makeover Clinic. It’s focused on marketing. As in, making you money. Not just looking pretty. It’s open to everyone. It’s Free. And it’s held every other Tuesday.

We’ve shunned dry theory and abstract strategies in favour of real life case studies. Follow along as we show you exactly how to turn around a broken website every week.

You can apply for a free website makeover yourself here.

Didn’t you used to be Subvert Magazine?

Subvert Magazine Edition Number 1
Where It All Started

Yes. 8 or so years ago Subvert Magazine was created on a single piece of paper by Angel Greenham. Its purpose was to keep alive the dreams of Angel’s ambitious creative friends as they left art school.

I fell in love with her and we turned that piece of paper into a mission.

A mission to subvert the voices that said “you can’t do that”, “that’s not realistic”, “it’s time to get back to the real world”, “you’re not good enough”.

We ran Subvert together for 7 or so years. As an online and offline magazine, a series of real world events and a bunch of training programs.

Unfortunately I am more skilled at marketing that relationships. Our partnership reached the end of its road. You can read about that whole tragic story here.

So Subvert has become Turnaround Magazine. A fresh page, with a single focus, helping you get unstuck and turn things around.

So who’s running things now?

Paul Montreal

Me, Paul Montreal. That’s a pen name by the way. My given name is Paul Magee. I’ve been a marketing director and consultant for 20 years. And helping entrepreneurs and creatives make a living doing the work they love for the last 7 through Subvert’s training programs. You can read about why I’m experimenting with a pen name here.

What do you stand for? What are your values?

Hope, Optimism. The simple idea that if other people like me have achieved something, then I have an equal opportunity to achieve it as well. It doesn’t guarantee that I will, or that you will. Only that we have the opportunity. The rest is up to us.

Didn’t someone clever say that “hope” doesn’t make a marketing plan?

Hope is one of those values that’s useless on its own. It gets the engine started, which is critical. But you still need to shift gears before you can go anywhere.

Curiosity comes next. Find people like you, who’ve already done what you want to do. And learn from them, model their success. Look for the common patterns. Not just what they did physically, but how they were able to do it mentally. The internal process is more important that anything.

Then you have to test your way forward. After you’ve studied the patterns, make a plan. Set a goal and constantly check your progress as you move towards it. Remembering to enjoy the process and develop your system as you go.

Once things are moving, practice, practice, practice. Tenacity and grit are going to come into play at this point. We have to build our confidence and competence as we go.

Then we can get creative. Adapting the patterns that others have proven before us. Adding our own experiences, personality and knowledge as we discover it.

That sounds nice and neat. Of course it isn’t always so neat when you’re in the thick of it. There’s a lot of failure and soul searching and course correction involved. But that’s life as an entrepreneur.

Why a magazine about marketing and motivation?

I want to be valuable and these are my interests. So I get to express myself through my work and be useful at the same time.

I’ve learned that if you’re going to dedicate all your time to serving people, it’s really important to respect those people.

The people I respect the most are the ones who create things. Companies, products, services, technologies, culture. The people who make our society tick. They don’t sit around talking, they take their dream and they act on it. They are out there becoming great.

Those are the people I want to help. I want to be valuable to them.

How can you help me?

Well, maybe by sharing some of that hope when you need it. That’s what our interviews and turnaround tales are about. Because we’re all in that process of becoming who we want to be and it’s never a smooth ride.

Understanding that our heroes didn’t have a smooth ride either can be a big help. To me, to you, to all of us. We all face similar challenges in life. We all have demons to slay on the journey.

But mostly I help by sharing the skills I’ve developed over the last 20 years. To turnaround businesses that are in their early years, the tough years, but have huge potential.

Marketing is about people, so it’s not too lame to say that I’m passionate about marketing.

My greatest tool for helping people is marketing. Marketing isn’t about advertising, like most people think. Marketing is about people and how they see the world.

Marketing is building a bridge between what you’re passionate about and what somebody else really values.

That’s what I do. I see the challenge from both shores and help build that bridge. So you can do the work you really love, that’s an expression of you, and be rewarded for it by a group of people, customers, who really value what you do.

Do you think it’s getting easier or harder to do the work you love. There’s more technology but so much more competition?

The one thing that hasn’t changed is this: Your desire to succeed, to be valuable to the world has to be greater than your fear of rejection.

That always has and always will be the price you have to pay, if you choose to walk this path and test yourself.

I’ve rewritten this quote by Steve Jobs hundreds of times…

Most people never pick up the phone and call, most people ever ask. And sometimes that’s what separates the people who do things from the people who just dream about them. You’ve got to pick up the phone, you’ve got to act. And you’ve got to be willing to fail, you’ve got to be willing to crash and burn. With people on the phone, with starting a company, with whatever. If you’re afraid of failing you won’t get very far.

Magic at our fingertips

But for those who are willing to embrace that entrepreneurial spirit, the technology available to us today is close to magical. We can literally reach the world, build a global audience, bypassing every local, physical boundary that used to exist.

What they means is, we don’t need to try to change people minds anymore. We don’t need to brainwash people with advertising or manipulate them with pressure. We can reach out and connect with people who already see the world as we see it. Whatever our perspective, we can find those who already believe what we believe. That’s what’s really changed.

It blows my mind how quickly technology has developed in the last 20 years. We have access to more people, knowledge and resources than any human being in the history of our planet. Right now, right at our fingertips, mostly for free.

Having the guts to ask for help

It’s a dream for people who have the get up and go to DO things. It just takes a little knowledge, knowing how the pieces of the puzzle fit together and the guts to ask for help.

And on the other side of our comfit zone, just past our fear, we have the ultimate opportunity. We can be rewarded for doing work that lets us fully express ourselves. To be who we are without apology.

To me, that’s the ultimate adventure and the ultimate freedom. I want to help as many people as I can achieve that dream.

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What do regular folk think about this guy?

Here’s a little feedback from some of my former students…

Craig Watkins“Out of the first four people I approached using your methods, I am now doing work for three of them!” Craig Watkins. USA.

Meghan“I probably saved myself 5 years costly trial and error” Meghan Geliza. Auckland New Zealand.

Sarah“Paul introduced me to whole new aspects of building & maintaining a successful business. Aspects that hardly anyone ever mentions…You’re in the hands of people that honestly & truthfully love what they do.” Sarah Palisi. Hamburg Germany.

Monique“That hands-on push is invaluable. It’s nice to have positive feedback from friends and associates. It’s rare to have the chance to get the honest, critical, thoughtful and informed variety.” Monique Larson, USA.

JJ.“You helped me to realize what is most important to me – what I REALLY want – and focus my energies like a lazer beam.” JJ Harrison. USA.

Christine“Paul helps those of us who are ambitious but may not be as naturally business minded to become aware of the many ways we can take our careers into our own hands.” Christine Buijs, Canada.

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